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Baby Soft Books - SOLD OUT

Lamaze: Discovery Farm

RM 33.00

This soft, lift-the-flap book is full of surprises for baby, who learns about the animals on a farm and the noises they make. The front cover features mama cow with her calf, followed by horses, pigs and other farmyard animals. Each page offers an interactive activity for baby to discover! When all animals are safely in the barn, baby can lift the flaps to say goodnight.

Recommended Age: Birth and up

Dimension: 7.50 " x 0.88 " x 7.25 "

Lamaze: Peekaboo, I Love You

RM 33.00

Baby plays peek-a-boo with the whole family. Big flaps are easy for little fingers to cover and uncover. The book comes with bright colors and cute illustrations. Cloth used is non-toxic. Measures 7.5" h.

Total pages: 8 pages

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, Award Winner.

Recommended Age: 9 months and up

Dimension: 7.00 " x 0.63 " x 7.50 "

Lamaze - Monkey See Monkey Zoo!

RM 33.00

A busy book featuring a cast of zoo animals all with different activity features. Interactive features encourage imitation, and discovery. Cloth book.

Recommended Age: Birth and up

Lamaze - Where Is Caterpillar?

RM 26.90

Where is the caterpillar? Under a leaf? Behind a flower? Tethered caterpillar wiggles his way through the holes on each page on the way to becoming a butterfly. Children develop coordination and motor skills as they fit the caterpillar through the holes.

Total pages : 8 pages

Recommended Age: 9 Months and Up.

Lamaze - My Kitty

RM 33.00

My Kitty is a soft, padded book that features a lovable, colourful kitten. Baby will delight in kitty's fun activities such as playing with yarn, climbing a tree, and chasing a toy mouse!

Recommended Age: Birth and up.